Is it okay to exfoliate while using rejuvenating set?

When you peel an apple, it becomes brown and shriveled, that is why it is important when exfoliating not to over do it. Your skin is a protective barrier! Avoid combining multiple skincare products as it may only result in skin irritation! No matter how tempting it is.

Is it okay to use other products while using rejuvenating set?

We do not recommend to use moisturizer WHILE using rejuvenating set. Actually, you use rejuvenating set to peel off dead skin cells to make room for new cells to grow. Eventually, this process will end up in glowing, white and clear skin.

Is it okay to use face powder while using rejuvenating set?

Wearing makeup while using rejuvenating set may delay the healing process. Additionally, it may cause damage to your repairing skin if used permanently. However, you can still use makeup if necessary. Make an effort not to apply it every day.

Is it normal to have pimples while using rejuvenating set?

When you use rejuvenating set, you might experience breakout in the beginning of use. Don’t worry! This breakout could be skin purging which is normal while using rejuvenating set. Actually, it’s a clue that the rejuvenating set is working and detoxifying the skin.

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Why you should stop using rejuvenating set?

Airborne pollution also leads to skin dehydration and excess oil production, as well as inflammation, which may ends up in losing the good effects of using rejuvenating set. Studies show that oily skin and acne increase with pollution, and that the effects of pollution may be even worse with UV exposure.

Do and donts when using rejuvenating set?

Don’ts of using rejuvenating set

Do not rub face when washing. Don’t overexpose yourself to the sun, harsh environments, or pollutants. Do not wax or use any form of hair removal 1 month before and up to 1 month after using rejuvenating set. Don’t pick at any of your skin that may be peeling.

Can I use aloe vera gel while using rejuvenating set?

To tolerate irritation and dryness, she used Skin Fit aloe Vera Gel to moisturize the skin and protect it from dryness. Apply to cover all over face for more protection. Note: You can use any other brand of Aloe Vera Gel.

Can I use ice on my face while using rejuvenating set?

Apply ice for cooling relief. Always APPLY SUNBLOCK! Gradually RESUME with the whole set after a week. Use toner and cream every other day then use it everyday on the following week.

How often should I rejuvenate my face?

Most of the time, the frequency at which you should do facial rejuvenation is based on the treatment that you are undergoing. For instance, the effects of a facelift are long term. Some may take as many as eight years to clear out. This means that you would need to be getting subsequent facelifts every 5-8 years.

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What to do when using rejuvenating set?


  1. Cleanse face with rejuvenating soap. Rinse well and pat dry with a soft cloth.
  2. Then, using a cotton pad/ball, apply thinly rejuvenating facial toner over the face and neck in one uniform stroke.
  3. After a few minutes, apply rejuvenating cream sparingly all over the face and neck. …
  4. Leave overnight.

Is it normal to have blackheads while using rejuvenating set?

4. BREAK OUTS – Rejuvenating Facial set will cause some acne to come out during the first few weeks. This is because it is going deep inside the pores to take underlying impurities out. Once the acne surfaces, Rejuvenating Facial Toner and bleaching cream will dry them up pretty quickly.

Can I use rejuvenating set for 1 week?

As said before, dermatologists recommend to use rejuvenating set for 30 days, i.e., 1 month. However, you can use rejuvenating set for prolonged period.