Is keep your eyes peeled a metaphor?

The purpose of the peeling is to “open” it up. This would then go on to become a metaphor. Just as someone removes the skin of a fruit of vegetable to “open” them up, so too someone who is “keeping their eyes peeled” is figuratively removing the skin of their eyelids to keep them open.

What kind of phrase is keep your eyes peeled?

To keep one’s eyes peeled means to be alert, observant. This seems an odd phrase, but dates back to the 1820s in Britain, when Sir Robert Peel established the first organised police force. The officers were known as ‘peelers, or ‘bobbies’.

What does the metaphor keep your eyes peeled mean?

If you tell someone to keep their eyes peeled for something, you are telling them to watch very carefully for it. [informal]

Is Feast your eyes a metaphor?

feast one’s eyes on, to

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To enjoy the sight of something or someone. Shakespeare’s Sonnet 47, “With my love’s picture then my eye doth feast,” is one of the early sources of this metaphor.

What does keep your eyes open mean idiom?

phrase. If you keep your eyes open or keep an eye out for someone or something, you watch for them carefully. [informal] I ask the mounted patrol to keep their eyes open.

Where did the phrase keep an eye out come from?

Be watchful for something or someone, as in Keep an eye out for the potholes in the road, or They told him to keep a sharp lookout for the police. The first expression, sometimes amplified to keep a sharp eye out for, dates from the late 1800s, the variant from the mid-1700s.

What is another way to say stay tuned?

Keep me in the loop. Keep me up-to-date. Keep me apprised. Keep me up to speed.

Do bells peel or peal?

Peal refers to the sound of a bell, or any other ringing sound. A peel is the outer rind of a fruit or any other layer, or the act of removing such a layer.

Will keep a lookout meaning?

If you are keeping a lookout for something or are on the lookout for it, you are alert and careful about it, either because you do not want to miss it or because it will be unpleasant or harmful and you need to avoid it.

What does keep your ears peeled mean?

To keep your ears peeled means to pay attention and listen closely for something (usually something expected.) If you are waiting at the airport to take a flight you might keep your ears peeled to listen to your boarding call.

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What is the meaning of with bells on?

I or we “will be there with bells on” suggests attending somewhere with enthusiasm or arriving in a noticeable or festive way.

Is a feast for the eyes?

An especially attractive, pleasing, or remarkable sight or visual experience.

What does it mean to feed your eyes?

DEFINITIONS1. to take great pleasure in looking at someone or something. If you’re looking for new kitchen utensils, feast your eyes on these goodies.

How do you keep your eyes open?

Try a combination of peppermint and rosemary or cinnamon and ginger. Massage – Some people find that a gentle scalp or facial massage could increase the blood flow around that area and release tension. Apply light pressure using your fingers and massage around the scalp, temples and around the eyes.

What does keep your eyes wide open before marriage half shut afterwards?

Metaphoric Meaning

Keep your eyes open before marriage, meaning look for someone to be happy with. Half way shutting them means to only focus on your spouse and no one else.

Will keep my eyes and ears open?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkeep your eyes/ears openkeep your eyes/ears opento keep looking or listening so that you will notice anything that is important, dangerous etc → openExamples from the Corpuskeep your eyes/ears open• All of you – walk around Pentonville and keep your ears open.